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Raspberry & Passion Fruit Mini Eggs

Solid White Chocolate Eggs infused with tart Raspberry powder. White Chocolate based Passion Fruit Ganache encased in a White Chocolate Shell with a streak of yolky yellow! 


Don't get caught on the hop and grab your treats from the bunny! 


Packaged in a compostable pouch and paper label. 

Please note packaging may differ from the picture.


Pack weight - 65g

Raspberry & Passion Fruit Mini Eggs

  • White Chocolate (cocoa solids 28% minimum, sugar, cocoa butter 35.8%, whole MILK powder, emulsifier, SOYA lechtin, natural vanilla flavouring, sorbitol, glucose, inverted sugar, Cream (MILK), Butter (MILK) Citric Acid, Passion Fruit, Raspberies. 

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